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We Use Top Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Roofing Structures

Superior Roofing, LLC is your local headquarters for a high-quality roofing contractor in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA. Our roofing experts have decades of experience in both residential and commercial roofing and can repair, replace, or restore any roofing system with no hassle to our clients. Our professionals help guide you through each repair or installation, explaining product information and benefits as well as giving detailed procedure descriptions and tasks in order to give you a clear view of the services you’re receiving. For those times when your roofing problem couldn’t have been more poorly timed, we are proud to offer in-house financing. When you need roofing services around Richmond and Charlottesville, VA, call the experts at Superior Roofing, LLC at 804.793.9758.

A Local Roofing Company You Can Trust

It can be difficult to decide which roofing material will be best to complete your roof installation. Some roof systems require high maintenance while others require very little. A few systems offer lifetime longevity but will cost much more initially. Your roofing contractor will help you decipher the differences between each of the prospective material types, including protective benefits, maintenance requirements, budget restraints, and even environmental factors. Then watch as our roofing specialists create a masterpiece out of your roofing system, paying attention to every seam, gutter, and detail to produce a flawless roofing system for your home or business. Contact us today at 804.793.9758  or email us at for professional roofing services you can trust in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA. 

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

Roofing Repair

We’ll Make Sure Your Roof is Sturdy and Fully Weatherproofed

When your home’s roof needs repairs or replacement, look to the name that’s been trusted for years. Whether your home’s roofing system has been damaged by a storm or has begun to leak from wear, our professionals will have your roof repaired or replaced quickly and with no hassle to you. Our certified experts will walk you through each step of the process, explaining each of your different options. We will discuss material benefits and downfalls, budget requirements, and timelines of each option, and help you decipher which system or repair is right for your home. We will also help you decide if you can get by with repairs only, or if it’s time to re-roof or replace your system for best results. Whether it’s time for a new roof or just a few repairs, call your local Richmond and Charlottesville, VA roofing contractor at 804.793.9758.

  • Roof Leak Repair When your roof is leaking, you need repairs fast to ensure no more damage is done. Our team will repair your damages without denting your wallet.
  • Shingle Roof Replacement Our experts guide you through the roofing process to ensure your shingle roof replacement goes smoothly and you are completely satisfied with your results.
  • Roof Maintenance Regular maintenance on your roofing system can aid in the longevity and protection of roof as well as costing less in repairs. Call our experts for your next maintenance service.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair Hail damage that’s not repaired properly can cause further damage like leaks, mold, and deterioration in your material. Let our professional repair your hail damage fast.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Specialist The insurance process can be difficult to navigate. Let our experienced staff help you decipher the paperwork, meetings, and inspections to get your claim accepted.
  • Metal Roofing Metal roofing can offer extensive benefits. Let our experts discuss the details of a metal roofing system, and help you decide if it’s right for your home.
  • Stone Coated Metal Roof Our experts can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this comparatively new roofing system to help you decide whether a stone coated metal roof is the best option for your home.
  • Gutter Repair Services When your gutters are looking aged and worn, our professionals can evaluate repair or replace your gutter system to keep your roof and home protected.

Roof Repair

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Get a Reliable Roof for Your Home from Superior Roofing, LLC.

Making roof repairs in a timely manner is imperative to keep further damage from occurring. Whether your roof has storm damage or is beginning to leak at its flashpoints, our roofing experts will repair your roof quickly and without denting your wallet. Your roofing contractor will evaluate your roof damage and explain each option thoroughly and clearly to ensure you know exactly what you are getting. Our professionals will even help guide you through any insurance paperwork, meetings, and details needed in order to get your roof damage claim accepted and paid out. For roof repair you can trust, call the expert team at Superior Roofing, LLC.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Professional Roof Installation

If You Need a New Roof for Your Business, Trust the Experts at Superior Roofing, LLC!

Your business is your livelihood, and our certified roofing experts understand that your office or business cannot afford to have longstanding interruptions due to roofing problems. That’s why our professional team works to get your repair or installation completed quickly and with minimal business interruption. We will assess your roof system and discuss all of your options, from restorative coatings to re-roofing. Your roofing contractor will discuss the benefits of each prospective material, detail the process’ steps, and present an estimated timeline so you are never left in the dark. Our experts will work with you with in-house financing options to ensure a complete repair or installation without breaking your bank. When you need a dependable, quick roofing contractor near Richmond and Charlottesville, VA, call the experts at Superior Roofing, LLC.

  • TPO Roof Repair When you need professional repair services for your commercial TPO roof, call our experts to get you back to business again fast.
  • PVC Roof Repair Our professionals will explain every material and step used in your PVC roof repair to ensure your complete satisfaction with your finished product.
  • EPDM Roof Repair As time passes, your EPDM roof may begin to separate at the seams. Let our experts repair and reseal your EPDM roof for complete protection.
  • Flat Roof Repair Flat roof systems can be repaired quickly and with minimal equipment when done by an expert. Call our professionals for high-quality, fast commercial service.
  • Sloped Roof Repair When you need repairs done on your sloped commercial roof, call our experienced professionals for a quick, complete repair job, every time.

Roof Restoration

One way to restore your roof’s beauty and protection and keep your roof system looking great and lasting its longest is by applying a protective coating. These coatings can be made from a plethora of different ingredients to offer maximum protection for every type of roofing system. Protective coatings can repair seam separation, seal worn leaky spots, and protect from water and traffic damage, and normal wear and tear. Roof coating can also help reflect UV rays to lower energy consumption and costs and can be made from eco-friendly ingredients. Your roofing contractor will explain your roof restoration options, and apply your coating quickly and with minimal interruption to you.

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