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3 Single Ply Roofing Membranes

Are you interested in adding a new roof system to your commercial building? There are several different varieties to choose from, with the three most popular options being PVC, TPO, and EPDM. Today, we will go over a few of the benefits you can expect from each of...

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Roof Inspection: Why You Need One

Getting roof inspections done once a year may seem like a big upfront cost, but consider this; if your roof ends up needing a roof replacement and you catch it early, you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars. Your roof is the first line of defense to your home...

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Roofing Problems To Look For When Buying a House

If you are looking to buy a used home, the process can seem extremely overwhelming at time right? There are so many things you need to be paying attention to, and one of them is the roof of the house you are considering. The reason you need to do this is because you...

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What To Do When You Have A Roof Leak

A Roof Leak Can Cause Excessive Damage To Your Home or Business. Roof leaks may not be apparent until a storm rolls in. These issues can lead to building damage and wear on your structure, allowing moisture to grow mold, mildew, and wood rot. When you first discover a...

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What To Look At When Buying a Roof

Needing a new roof can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when you have to get a new one right away or without warning. There are a few things that you will want to pay attention to and try to do before you make the investment of buying a new roof. When Looking...

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Great Residential Roofing Options

Choosing a new roofing material can be a tough choice. With so many great options out there, it can be hard to pick and know that you are making the right choice. Every material has its own strengths that will be a great asset to your roof. Here are a few options that...

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How Commercial Roof Replacements Work

  If Your Roofing Is Damaged, Give Us a Call. Roof replacements do happen over time and will need to be done when they become damaged far beyond repair. If you have a commercial roof, it is likely that you have items on the top of your roof like water to your...

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Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

A Gutter is a Thin, Long Channel That Removes Water From a Roof. There are many components on our roof that are very important. Each part is able to ensure the roof is in good condition. Our flashing keeps water out of the roof, the soffit insulates our roof better,...

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  • review rating 5  Great Job! Great Crew! We are more than satisfied with our new roof and the experience with this company was awesome!

    thumb June Johnson
  • review rating 5  The folks at Superior were super easy to deal with. They did not make extravagant claims up front, but followed through well on what they had promised. The price was right in line with other quotes.They continuously updated me as to their expected start date. All in all, a very pleasant experience. You should not have a roof replaced by someone who works out of a van and will be hard to find if there are problems. These people are well organized and competent.

    thumb bill ross
  • review rating 5  Superior Roofing did a wonderful job on our roof! The Guys were very professional, super efficient and did a fantastic job of explaining the process to us, while the project was being done! Jose is an awesome Project Manager and I'd suggest anyone looking to have their roof replaced hire this company!!

    thumb Temeka Hyman
  • review rating 5  Jose and His team were the absolute best! They worked diligently and provided great customer service! My roof looks amazing and Neighbors are already asking how they can get in touch with Superior Roofing! Glad we chose them over the other companies we were considering!

    thumb Earl Rush