What Is A Mechanical Lock Metal Roof?

Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

Mechanical Lock Panels Work Wonders on Low-Sloped Roofs.

When it comes to standing seam metal roofs, there are a couple of different options on the market that cater to different needs. To help explain the differences, this section will go over the basics of a mechanically seamed metal roof. The most pertinent traits are the lower cost of mechanical lock roofing panels, and the improved performance for low slope roofs. If you are interested in ordering a mechanically seamed metal roof in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA, you can rely on the professionals at Superior Roofing, LLC to help. We are available at 804-593-3047 to discuss your requirements, and will also help you figure out which standing seam metal roof variety is perfect for your needs and budget.

Professionals for a Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof

For Dependable Water Resistance, You Can’t Beat Mechanically Locked Panels.

The two primary options for standing seam roof systems are mechanical lock metal panels and snap lock metal panels, according to what you need. Low slope roofing systems are more susceptible to leaks, which means a mechanically seamed metal roof will be the best option. Roof systems with steeper slopes, on the other hand, can get adequate protection from snap lock panels. While your mechanical lock metal roofing won’t be installed as fast as a basic snap lock system, you can count on it to cost less.

Though different, both varieties are more than capable of providing dependable protection for many years. As with any kind of metal roof, energy efficiency is a guaranteed perk, as are minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, like many metal roof options, these panels can be utilized interchangeably on both commercial and residential roof systems.

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Standing seam metal roofs are a long-enduring roof variety. With a lifetime of four decades or more, these roofs endure up to twice as long as other roofing materials. This means that these roofs are slightly more costly for the first application, as one might assume. If you look at the lifetime of the roofing, though, you’ll actually spend significantly less due to reduced maintenance requirements and increased damage resistance.

Our contractors are ready at 804-593-3047 if you’re interested in asking additional questions about the various types of standing seam metal roof systems. At Superior Roofing, LLC, we can help you apply a mechanically seamed metal roof in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA.