Architectural Shingles Installation

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Can Create a Three-Dimensional Effect on Your Roof.

Present-day roofing systems took a significant step forward from the creation of the architectural shingle. These shingles, a singular option totally divergent from typical asphalt shingles, come with a selection of benefits that includes superior design potential. At Superior Roofing, LLC, we encourage everyone in need of a new roof to definitely consider the  architectural shingle. This roofing option improves a great amount from expert installation services, which we offer at Superior Roofing, LLC.

If you want true efficiency in a roof material, you need to give real thought to the architectural shingle. Average shingles generally cannot stand up to the strength of the architectural variety, which are also referred to as dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles. To find out more in regards to the installation of architectural shingles in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA, give our team a call today at 804-593-3047.

The Benefits of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Multi-layered Construction Gives These Shingles Exceptional Durability and Longevity.

An architectural shingle roof arrives with several benefits for the house and homeowner. At Superior Roofing, LLC, we try our best to leave our clients up-to-date of all the advantages that their selections can bring. The following advantages will occur with your selection of the architectural shingle for your house.

Cost: The expense of architectural shingles comes in lower than slate shingles or cedar shakes, which makes it relatively reasonable for a luxury selection. The raised strength of the architectural shingle also makes them a reasonable choice compared to cheaper asphalt shingles. A reduction in service requirements will allow these shingles to offset the higher cost over the years.

Durability: Durability concerns can take place with your average roof shingles, since they typically only have one blanket of material placed on the decking. More than one layer goes into the rendering of an architectural shingle roofing system. If you dwell in an area susceptible to high winds, you can take comfort in architectural shingles’ approval of up to 120 mph.

Appearance: Architectural shingles can be customized through a large variety of options that may simulate slate or cedar shake roofing systems. Additionally, these roofing materials typically require more upkeep than architectural shingles.

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The choice of materials for your new roofing system presents a significant decision. Increased resilience and greatly-minimized upkeep permits architectural shingles to offset their increased cost. To hear more about the unique benefits that architectural shingles provide, feel free to contact our team at 804-593-3047. For the masters in architectural shingles in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA, look no further than the experts at Superior Roofing, LLC.