Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Roof Coating Service

A Roof Coating Can Extend the Life of Your Roof by 10 Years or More.

Are you a commercial building proprietor dealing with an old or failing roof? Instead of replacing your roofing, you may want to consider our affordable and efficient roof restoration service. A roofing restoration can repair areas where the roof is leaking, and even repair damage from ponding water. Restorations give you the benefit of an improved roof at a lower price that total replacement. At Superior Roofing, LLC, we provide professional commercial roof restoration that will stand the test of time.

If you think your roof might benefit from restoration, do not delay your call to our team. As conditions on the roof worsen, you will eventually find that total replacement has become your only option. For cost-effective and fast help, call 804-593-3047 for Superior Roofing, LLC, and ask about our commercial roof restoration service in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA.

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Roof Restoration Service

Regardless of Your Roof Material, We Can Identify a Coating That Will Provide Exceptional Service.

Because of the hefty initial cost of a roof installation, it makes sense to follow up with steady maintenance to keep your roof in good shape. Unfortunately, even the most consistent maintenance cannot prevent the effects of aging. Your roof system will eventually require a commercial roof restoration, or a more expensive commercial roofing replacement.

Our affordable roof restoration service efficiently coats the surface of your commercial roof with an incredibly tough and resilient material that adds and additional 10 years or more to the lifespan of your roof. Once the 10 years are over, you can simply add a new coating over the old one for an extra 10 years of roof protection. Call our team to figure out which roof coating will work best for your current needs, whether acrylic, polyurea, silicone, or elastomeric.

Affordable Commercial Roof Restoration Service

While roof coatings offer many benefits, the advantage that customers adore most is the significantly lower price. When you have roofing replaced, you are billed for the old roofing’s removal, and you pay to have the hundreds of pounds of waste thrown away. A roof restoration saves you money, and saves the landfill from additional waste. Call our roof experts today at 804-593-3047 to discover more about the benefits and prices of our commercial roof restoration service in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA!